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Eliminate the fear of public speaking.
Our popular Public Speaking Coach is so effective
that we dare to offer money back guarantee!

Public Speaking Program For Students
16-18 March, 2007

As advertised in The Star on 5 Feb, 2007
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Our Belief

The Public Speaking Program is designed based on our belief that everyone has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but the potential needs to be developed.

Program Synopsis

Session One Session Five
Introduction To Public Speaking
Evaluation of present speaking ability
Learn the elements of a good speech
The principles of evaluation
Gestures In Speaking
Discover the importance of gestures in speaking
Presentation and evaluation of speeches
Session Two Session Six
Impromptu Speaking
Learn the ability to think on your feet
Participate in discussions
Voice and Vocabulary
Discussion of voice and vocabulary
Presentation and evaluation of speeches
Review of progress
Session Three Session Seven
Organising Your Speech
Learn how to organise your ideas
Discussion of speech organisation
Show Your Skills
Speech Contest & Graduation Ceremony
Session Four
Discussion and practice in listening
Presentations and evaluation of speeches

The program's unique design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience. Participants learn communication skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. In this course participants will learn to:

  • overcome the nervousness and fear everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience
  • organise and present their ideas logically and convincingly
  • listen carefully to others' ideas
  • offer advice that will help others improve their communication skills
  • participate and even lead group discussion

Trainer's Profile

Azmi Shahrin
Principal Trainer

Azmi Shahrin was educated at the Malay College, Kuala Kangsar. Later, he won a scholarship from Shell and continued his education at the University of Kent, UK where he graduated with an honours degree in Economics and Accounting. Presently, he is pursuing his Masters in Economics degree at the University of Malaya, KL.

He is a senior member of Toastmasters International and he has served in various capacities as club presidents and Area Governor. He is currently the Assistant Division C Governor (Marketing). He was recently awarded the Toastmaster of the Year for Division C in recognition of his exemplary contribution to the Toastmasters International organization. He has won numerous speech contests at club, area and division levels. Over the past 5 years, he has trained hundreds of children and adults in the Art and Craft of Public Speaking. He has a special mission to help all Malaysians to become proficient and effective communicators.

You may browse his complete profile at

Program Details

We will be conducting our popular Public Speaking Program on 16-18 March, 2007 during this school holiday. Please take this opportunity to give your child an early start in life with vital communication skills. Details are as follows:

Program Details
16-18 March, 2007
9am - 5pm
Wisma CNS, 2-6 Jln SS19/1G,
47600 Subang Jaya
RM450 / Participant
Discount applicable for Group and Early Bird Registration

Payment Options

Bank Deposit Cheque
Please deposit payment into our Maybank Account and fax the registration form to
fax no: 03-78808130

Maybank A/C: 512688201215
Name: Dynamic Speakers Training Centre

Please make cheque payable to Dynamic Speakers Training Centre and send cheque to the following address together with the registration form.

Dynamic Speakers Training Centre
23-3 2nd Floor, Jln SS23/11,
Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Attn: Mr Danny Lim
(HP: 016-6522629, Fax: 03-78808130)

For more information, please contact the Principal Trainer,
Azmi Shahrin +6012-9198557

Public Speaking Program For Secondary School Students
18-20 November 2005

We had 15 courageous young adult participants attending this course. It was like the first day at school all over again. The participants were very shy and nervous. There were even parents who took us aside and told us to mind their child who were very timid. We told them not to worry because we believed that our techniques were effective in overcoming timidity. "Come back on Sunday", we told them, "please come back on Sunday to witness your child's dramatic transformation. We guarantee that your child will be able to speak in front of an audience with full confidence and style."

On Sunday, the skeptical parents came bringing along siblings, friends, relatives which included several grandmothers to see their child speak in front of the audience. The moment was magical as the participants stood and spoke about their teenage anxieties, growing up pains, love for their siblings, concern for their family and they showered praises and gratitude upon their parents. It was a touching moment of tenderness as the participants spoke directly and sincerely from their hearts. Many eyes were moist that afternoon and it was a lesson worth repeating that communication becomes meaningful when it is spoken simply and straight from the heart.

The organizers of this program were very encouraged to see participants gaining confidence and vital communication skills. We feel very priviledged to have been in the company of the participants. Thank you for trusting your child to our care for those 3 unforgettable days.

Our 15 Very Courageous Participants
(Please Click On The Participant's Photo To View Movie)

Akmal Hisyam
My Favourite Aunt
Akmal Syazwan
The Walk Of Life
Justin Tan
A Camping Nightmare
Lee Jun Yih
Lee Wan Yih
The Difference Between Guys & Girls
Leong Khai Jake
Blood Brothers

Shan Keat
The Difference Between Perth & KL
Yeoh Ee Ping
Yeoh Ee Ping
How Proud Am I Of A Guy In My Life?
Teh Vee Vean
The 3 Generations
Is Life Too Hectic?
My Family's Indestructible Love
Khoo Hsien Ming
Funny Little White Ants
Sheng Loong
The Importance Of Family
Lee Jane
Old Folks Home

15 Smiling Happy Faces

tn - 1.jpg 5.0K

tn - 2.jpg 3.7K

tn - 3.jpg 5.6K

tn - 4.jpg 6.1K

tn - 5.jpg 4.8K

tn - 6.jpg 4.9K

tn - 7.jpg 5.8K tn - 8.jpg 5.6K tn - 9.jpg 4.8K  

tn - 10.jpg 5.6K

tn - 11.jpg 5.7K

tn - 12.jpg 5.8K

tn - 13.jpg 5.4K

tn - 14.jpg 5.1K

tn - 15.jpg 5.2K

tn - 16.jpg 5.3K

tn - 17.jpg 5.8K

tn - 18.jpg 5.8K

tn - 19.jpg 4.7K tn - 20.jpg 4.6K tn - 21.jpg 4.0K  

tn - 22.jpg 3.8K

tn - 23.jpg 5.3K

tn - 24.jpg 4.1K

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tn - 26.jpg 3.9K

tn - 27.jpg 4.5K

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tn - 29.jpg 5.5K
tn - 30.jpg 5.7K  
tn - 31.jpg 4.8K tn - 32.jpg 4.9K tn - 34.jpg 5.5K  
tn - 33.jpg 4.6K tn - 33.jpg 4.6K tn - 33.jpg 4.6K  
tn - 33.jpg 4.6K tn - 33.jpg 4.6K    

More pictures of our smiling and happy participants

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